Personal Projects

"Take a journey to discover the amazing and inspiring things I've created.
From eye-catching simple designs to clever solutions, my work shows the beauty of imagination and hard work."

Channel Maker Web App

Jumpstart your Roku Channel with FindStep, and you'll have it rocking and rolling...

Kitakits Mobile App

Kitakits app is for everyone (published April 4, 2024), especially for everyday activities..

Internet of Things (IoT)

Fun Project: Crafting Joyful Experiences with an Internet of Things (IoT) Adventure

Dart-Flutter with NodeJS API

Beautiful Flutter Login and Registration page with fully functional REST API Authentication using Nodejs...

RelayDoc For Android Tablet

Future of diagnostics with RelayDoc for Android Tablet—a cutting-edge app designed to seamlessly connect with a RELAY TESTER device through BLE technology.

Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Travel back in time with me, 6 years ago, when I embarked on my first-ever robotics project using the dynamic duo of Java and Python.