VoiceSMS Android App Project

Communication through voice

Android app to send audio recorded voice in an instant. No need to write text messages with hand, just speak and send or use an auto send feature with this app.

I got simple idea to prevent distracted driving and it evolved into android app which I knew that this will evolve over a period of time through experience and use.

At that time I was thinking to build a prototype, beta or a minimum viable app and get it out in the hands of the user. So I started to develop the app, I've used tools to use to speed up the app development process. In general, I was aiming to start programming minimal features that would take less time to develop than a big one.

Therefore, the first step I took was to determine how long does it take to make this app and outlined the scope of the app at the very first stage to avoid having to go back later to incorporate missing features.

It is a success, although this app is currently beta and considered prototype and provides a single service but it is my beyond expectations. Currently it provides very basic and optimum level and I am expecting some minor bug.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/