Channel Builder

Java, PHP, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, mySQL, BrightScript

About this App

I once became a Roku Developer. Roku Channel project has been indemand at that time year 2014 particulary in Odesk(Upwork).Due to redundant of Roku project specifications from different clients I started to build this Web App to automatically create a Roku Channel instantly.

This app is subscription based and was hosted in AWS at that time which I configured it from ground up including security and load balance. Development time of this app was more than 3 months. I worked this app on available time while working with some other programming technology.

This app is currently for demo purposes, the higher version was already sold including rights. The higher version includes FireTV and Android TV which part of my progressive development.

Frontend with Bootstrap and jQuery

Web Admin

Yes, I did frontend and backend idea and design with Bootstrap 3. I simply have an artistic eye and I know some basic graphics editing using Adobe Fireworks. This app deals with several platforms like FireTV which the underlying technology is Java and Roku is Brightscript.

PHP, CakePHP, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, mySQL